st. Nicolas church, Hagenau in the Elsass (1360)

From David Nicolle bookFrom Paul Martin bookPhoto by Andreas Petijean (Arms and Armour forum)

Sleeping crossbowman

Thanks to David Nicolle this image became almost iconic. Indeed it provides wealth of details: for example, buckle on the belt is visible, hook type is evident and its dimensions could be easily calculated. Crossbow is of classic “old” European style, with composite prod and distinct “ears”, which will became almost obsolete in 15th century on the field crossbows but will survive on rampart machines and greater crossbows until 16th century.
Total relaxation of the sleeping soldiers is highlighted by several telltale details: his sword is unbuckled and spanning hook untied from the belt. Even if he wakes up, shooting will be impossible for several minutes.
First photo fro David Nicolle book, seconf from book by Paul Martin, third – be Andreas Petikean from Arms and Armour forum. Dicussion thread (in russian) id here:

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